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If you have already activated your package click here to check the status Check Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Secure Extended Warranty covers the warranty provided by your manufacturer for a period of up to 3 years beyond what the manufacturer provides. The plan covers all malfunctions and manufacturing defects in the devices or appliances. Extended Warranty is applicable for up to 3 additional years after the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty, depending on the plan you buy. However, the sum of the manufacturer's warranty and extended warranty should not exceed more than 3 years. You can buy Extended Warranty till up to 2 Years after purchasing a device or appliance.
If you want your Laptop to work smoothly for atleast 2 years, you should ideally get an accidental damage protection along with a Laptop Extended Warranty plan for your Laptop. No matter what the brand, some devices fail on their own. So investing in the right Laptop Extended warranty plan can give your device a prolonged life. Laptop are fragile and prone to physical damage, some of them can even get damaged with a splash of water or tea, and inconvenience you. So we recommend you to buy.
Call us : 18008895418, 6200489401 and share whats wrong with the Laptop. We will raise a request, get the phone picked up, repaired and delivered to you !
Our Laptop warranty plan starts on the day after the manufacturers' warranty expires. For eg; If your device warranty or brand warranty expires on 20 May 2024, our warranty starts on 21 May 2024, such that your Laptop is always covered. This is why it is important to purchase Laptop extended warranty plan in time.